What motivates Alece to work in the yoga and fitness industry is the profound impact it can have on peoples’ lives.  She believes a yoga practice is your most supportive tool in navigating skillfully through all phases of life.  In class, Alece aims to empower you through her alignment based, flowing practices.  Her intention is to communicate the teachings of yoga with warm humor and contagious enthusiasm, so it resonates on your mat and translates into your life.
Alece is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level with certifications from Om Yoga (NYC) and Inner Peace Yoga Therapy (300 Level – Chicago Cohort). She is specialized in yoga for fertility, pre and postnatal yoga, with certifications from The Prenatal Yoga Center (NYC) and Amala School of Prenatal Yoga (Chicago).  In addition to practicing yoga, she considers herself a lover of all movement and is fascinated by the capabilities of the body!  She resides in Chicago with her husband Andrew, daughter Delilah and pitbull Otto.  See you on the mat!


Sunday12:00 - 1:00pmPre-Natal In Studio/VirtualChicago

Alexia’s first encounter with yoga was a playful one. As a five-year-old she would walk around the house on her knees in lotus posture, mimicking the photos she found in a yoga book in her grandfather’s library. The book disappeared but the inspiration remained in the back of her mind. Seventeen years later, Alexia realized that she couldn’t deny her hunger to learn the practice of yoga: she left Guatemala, her home country, and moved to Chicago to start her teacher training. Alexia’s greatest influence was Kino MacGregor, one of the few certified Ashtanga teachers in the country. Kino’s inspiration helped Alexia discover that her heart is in the Ashtanga yoga practice. Alexia practiced for six years under the guidance of Todd Boman, who supported her practice and taught her faith and dedication with his own shining example. She apprenticed with Todd in the mysore classes and learned how to teach the method. In July 2012 Alexia went to Mysore, India for the first time and studied for six weeks under the guidance of Sharath Jois at the Jois Institute where Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga was first codified. In 2013 she got a 200-hour certification from Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor at the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Alexia currently teaches the mysore program at Yogaview in Chicago. She teaches public classes at Moksha Yoga Center and Tejas Yoga as well, in addition to private lessons throughout the city. Alexia has found a daily practice to be profoundly transformative, calming, and awakening to self-knowledge. It is these benefits that have given her tremendous faith in yoga and passion for the practice. As a teacher, Alexia inspires students to persevere, with enthusiasm, and discover what gifts their practice holds for them.

For more information visit


Wednesday7:30 – 9:00amLed Primary Series In Studio/Virtual Chicago
Sunday7:30 – 9:15am Mysore In Studio Chicago

Ali is obsessed with all things movement. As a mom of two young kids, an athlete, a fast talker and a super type A personality she never actually slows down. Growing up in sports and as a student of anatomy Ali brings the two together in her powerful and intelligent yoga sequences that often take you purposefully into an unexpected place or a peak posture while maintaining the functionality of the body and honor of the spirit. There is a method and strategy to her often unconventional yoga classes that leave you feeling more connected to your body, more knowledgeable about its function, and leave you a lot more sweaty or possibly even upside down. Form and function come together into these flow based classes that are a trademark of Ali’s experience and passion in the industry.

Ali graduated from her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2011 from Yogaview in Chicago and has been teaching full time since 2012 at BFPY and various other yoga studios. Through continued education in Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank, Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Ray Long, Biomechanics with Jules Mitchell and a sprinkle of Spirit with Sean Corn Ali has developed a style of class that is uniquely her own. Outside of yoga, Ali is also a Functional Mobility coach and works with Athletes in injury rehab, postpartum clients and those who just want to move better!

When Ali does finally sit down it is usually spending time with her husband Sam, two kids Odette and Knox, Mak the dog, Beans the cat and a typically a glass of wine in their plant-filled home in Chicago or up in Michigan.


Tuesday10:00 - 11:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago
Wednesday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago

In each of Alie’s classes, she shares subtle, deep cuing, giving you tools to tune into your true essence. Alie has studied yoga and meditation since 1994 and has been teaching since 1999. She leads global retreats, workshops, and teacher training modules, and teaches at yogaview when home in Chicago. Learn more about Alie’s schedule and retreats by visiting


Monday9:30 - 10:45amLevel 1 VirtualChicago

Ania found yoga in her 20’s in an attempt to keep fit.   Having a background in dance she was initially drawn to it’s discipline, movement and beauty, but was quickly struck by how good it made her feel.  She tried many other forms of fitness but always found herself back on her mat, not only because of the physical benefits but because of the positive emotional and mental effect it has on her life.  As a hairdresser of 22yrs the thing she loved most about her trade was her ability to make her clients feel better about themselves and that is the thing she misses the most in her retirement.  She received her 200RYT teacher training certification at Bloom Yoga Studio in an attempt to marry 2 things she loves; yoga and having a positive effect on people’s lives.  In every class Ania teaches, she hopes that it promotes physical wellness, mental clarity and stimulates creativity in her students.  Her passion for learning and need to constantly explore has led her to different styles of yoga, and since graduating from Bloom Ania has gone on to become a Level 1 Healing Fire Reiki practitioner, a certified Yoga Nidra Instructor, a Certified “Rest and Renew” Restorative yoga instructor and a Certified 85hr Pre-Natal  yoga instructor .  When not on her mat, Ania enjoys going to the movies, cooking, gardening, playing Dungeons and Dragons and all things nerdy.


Tuesday11:30 - 12:30pmStretch & De-Stress In StudioWilmette
Fridays (once per month)6:00 - 7:15pmRestorative In StudioWilmette
Sunday5:30 - 6:30pmYin In StudioChicago

Annette is a former professional soccer player and 500hr certified yoga teacher. She mentors athletes with Yoga and Mindset Coaching to help them navigate the physical and mental stresses of playing sports at every level. She is also the creator of the Athlete Practice: A program that combines YOGA, Mindset Coaching and Habit Tracking to help athletes train their bodies and minds to win, without sacrificing their love of the game. She works with athletes of all kinds from high school to professional to weekend warriors. Annette believes that being an “athlete” is simply a state of mind that is accessible to us all.


Saturday8:00 - 9:00amYoga for Cross Training In Studio/VirtualWilmette

April grew up in Highland Park,IL where she devoted her life to dance and also spent a lot of time in her dad’s boxing gym developing a love for “training like an athlete.” She graduated from Dominican University of California where she completed the Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA program in San Francisco. As a dancer, April experienced bits of yoga here and there, but it was in the Bay Area where she established a regular practice and passion for yoga.

April completed her 200hr YTT abroad in Fiji through Yoga Works. April’s vinyasa style classes combine athletic, dynamic movement with dance-like fluidity and an emphasis on alignment. She hopes you leave feeling open, strong and balanced both on and off the mat.


Monday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In StudioChicago

Over 15 years ago, Bridgett signed she and her best friend up for a Hatha Yoga class at her Chicago neighborhood park district so they could hang once a week.  She also yearned to fill a void that had filled her entire young life of dance and movement education and training.  Attending class once a week within a year evolved into two classes a day!  She was “hooked”, not only physically, but more importantly mentally as well.  At the risk of sounding cliche….a professed “type A” personality she had stumbled onto a yoga mat and into something much richer and deeper.  Recognizing her passion coupled with reading an article on Ashtanga yoga, she asked her Hatha teacher for the name of an Ashtanga studio and was given the name, Suddha Weixler, founder of Chicago Yoga Center (at the time N.U. Yoga Center).   Around 2000, yoga studios and gyms were not ubiquitous even in urban settings.  She attended his led Ashtanga class one Saturday morning and stayed for the next several years.  Quickly developing a Mysore practice under the guidance of Suddha and teachers Cara Jepsen and Mary Klonowski, she completed his Teacher Training Course in 2002 and began teaching Ashtanga.

Eventually, Bridgett and her husband, Neil, made the move “up north” which brought her to Sharyn Galindo and North Shore Yoga.  Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Rocco.  She continued her daily Ashtanga practice of Primary and Intermediate Series under the loving guidance of Bill Shapleigh and Sharyn (who had journeyed this twice before her) up until the day she delivered!  She then delivered a baby girl, Prima, 3.5 years later.  Bridgett has been practicing for almost 20 years and teaching for over 15.  She has attended workshops with Sharath Jois, Manju Jois, Dena Kingsburg, Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, David Keil, Petri Raisanen, Kino McGregor and has studied with Lino Miele, Paul Dallaghan, and Tim Feldmann.  She currently is co-director of the yogaview Mysore program with Alexia Bauer.  In addition, she runs the Evanston Mysore program at North Shore Yoga with Sharyn Galindo.  She honors anyone who makes the time to step on his/her Manduka to take practice.  Her spirit and teaching are colored with a sense of humor, discipline and patience.  She is forever a student of this practice.


Thursday9:30 - 10:30amLevel 2-3 In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Saturday8:00 - 9:45amMysore In StudioChicago

The foundations of the house of yoga enamor instructor, Brooks Hall. The feet, the posture, the breath, the heart, the mind, and the spirit, together form a structure, and the practice of yoga makes a door that helps us to open into greater awareness. This greater sense of one’s self helps this experience to be a healing one.  Learning yoga started in childhood when Brooks’ grandmother saw it as a way to cool the grandkids down before bedtime, and the fires of inquisitiveness that started as seemingly small flames grew into an inferno of epic proportions in her life story—Brooks now teaches yoga full-time!   And she feels blessed to have learned from many gifted and inspired teachers, including teachers at yogaview and Yoga Circle.  She completed Yogaview’s teacher training in 2006, and has assisted certified Iyengar Yoga instructor Gabriel Halpern in regular classes, special workshops, and therapeutic gentle yoga classes since 2002. She has been teaching yoga since 2003, and blogs regularly about her personal experience and studies of yoga at


Friday4:00 - 5:15pmGentle VirtualChicago
Sunday10:30 - 11:45amLevel 1 In Studio/VirtualChicago

Health and wellness have always been passions of Cheri’s. Growing up with  competitive sports  followed by years of intense cardio workouts and running marathons, she reluctantly tried yoga to nurse numerous pains and injuries. After a few “ah ha moments,” she became hooked, realizing the increase in strength, speed, humility, patience, and perspective far outreached the benefit of just “getting more flexible” she thought yoga was for.

In 2013 Cheri became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher under the guidance of Jenny Kaufman and Sharyn Galindo. She has been trained in Restorative Yoga as well as meditation, and is currently midway through her 300 hour training.  A chronic student, she continually seeks out workshops and experts to train under to expand her knowledge specifically in fascia, biomechanics, yoga therapy and the subtle body.

Cheri is a certified health coach and personal trainer. Her classes are challenging yet accessible with strength and stability playing a role to prepare for mobility. Her focus is on the components of building each pose to draw you into the moment, and feel the space created by your breath.  By creating visual imprints of your physical and mental alignment she helps you truly take your practice off the mat.  Her passion is to guide students to their threshold, explore subtle changes that helps them become in tune with their body from all aspects.


Tuesday6:00 - 7:00amAll Levels In StudioWilmette
Wednesday10:00 - 11:00amAll Levels In StudioWilmette
Thursday6:00 - 7:00amAll Levels In StudioWilmette

Chuck’s background as an athlete brought him into contact with yoga a number of times during his life– as an Olympic style archery competitor and as a competitive cyclist. But he truly opened and committed fully to the practice in order to help rehab from a serious cycling accident. Not only did yoga “bring him back” from a broken body, but also helped to heal his mind and spirit.

For Chuck, the inward journey during asana practice is a beautiful meditation which brings him fully into the here and now, accepting the present and all that it offers. Yoga is now a calling for Chuck and the more he practices the more he grows to love and embrace it.

Chuck is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and teaches Ashtanga based Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Chuck brings to his classes a feeling of spaciousness and lightness and offers the student the time to fully explore the inward journey during asana practice. He endeavors to uplift, inspire, and bring joy to the yoga experience.

Chuck is currently in the middle of his 500 hour teacher training studying with Sharyn Galindo.  Chuck has also studied with many wonderful and generous teachers.  He has studied yin yoga with Paul and Suzee Grilley, Master Paulie Zink, Sarah Powers and Steve Ross.  He has studied pranayama in the Kaivalyadhama tradition with Sri O.P. Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan.


Sunday2:00 - 3:15pmYin In StudioWilmette
Wednesday6:00 - 7:15pmYin In StudioWilmette

Claire Mark has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching yoga since 1999. She has studied many different types of yoga; Jivamukti, Bikram, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. She considers herself to be a yoga-mut, taking in the best of what these different styles have to offer and blending them to create her own unique style. She teaches with compassion and appreciation of the individual yet encourages everyone to challenge themselves and work in a smart, but strong way. Claire has taught in NY, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. She also teaches yearly retreats in Mexico and Costa Rica. One of her greatest joys is leading the teacher training program at yogaview in Chicago. Claire has studied and continues to study with many senior teachers, and her love of yoga continues to grow with each day on the mat. Claire currently lives and teaches in Chicago at yogaview. If you’d like more information on upcoming retreats, classes or private instruction please feel free to email her at


Monday10:00 - 11:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago
Tuesday9:30 - 10:30amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Wednesday10:00 - 11:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago
Thursday11:00 - 12:00amAll Levels In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Saturday9:30 - 10:30am Level 2 In Studio/VirtualWimette

Deb Wineman’s warm and welcoming teaching style invites yoga students of all levels to stretch, strengthen, find balance and cultivate peace.  “Stand in a way that embodies how you want to be and feel today,” you may hear in her classes; “Let your transitions reflect how you want to move through your week.”  Through an embodied practice, Deb believes that how you show up on your yoga mat can set the template for how you want to show up in the world.  Deb’s steady-paced, soulful vinyasa flow style classes impart her compassionate spirit and intention for vibrant, joyful and meaningful living.  In Deb’s yoga classes, you can expect precise alignment and breath cues, thoughtful insights, intelligent sequencing, uplifting music and impactful silence.

Committed to the study of yoga, anatomy, philosophy and mindfulness, Deb has completed extensive trainings and retreats under the guidance of master teachers.  She earned her first 200-hour teacher training at Moksha Yoga Chicago in 2008 and her 300-hour advanced certification from yogaview in 2014.  Deb’s own spiritual practice, ongoing self-inquiry and role as a mother of three children continue to inform her teaching.

In addition to teaching studio classes, Deb designs and leads yoga workshops, retreats, trainings and mentorship programs for a variety of different populations (including athletes, youth and religious communities) as she sees yoga as a path for everybody to live a more peaceful, healthy and whole life.   Dedicated to making yoga accessible and inclusive for everybody, Deb volunteers in schools offering youth yoga and meditation and leads community classes on the beach during the summer.


Monday8:00 - 9:00amAll Levels In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Wednesday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In StudioWilmette

Eileen fell in love with yoga at the age of 13 when her mom took her to her first yoga class. Since then, the practice has supported her in many ways over the years: from health challenges, to life’s transitions and beyond. Yoga opened her eyes to how she was living and introduced her to the connection to her body, mind and spirit and it quickly became a guiding principle in her life. She trained with Yogaview in 2011 and continues to learn and practice with some of Chicago’s most senior teachers. She teaches a challenging, fun + flowy vinyasa class that pulls from different yoga styles like Ashtanga and Iyengar, with a focus on alignment and technique. She believes moving with intention and breath is a powerful way to shift energy and stay strong and flexible in your body and mind and you’ll experience that in her classes. Almost like a dance, the vinyasa style is like a “moving meditation”, an opportunity to practice presence. She invites you to come as you are to practice in celebration of movement, music and flow!



Tuesday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 2 In StudioChicago


Eileen discovered yoga in the late 1990s and was drawn to the full body strengthening as well as the peace and relaxation in the practice. Initiated in ashtanga, Eileen received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate through North Shore Yoga in 2007. She has had the privilege of studying with many wonderful teachers including, David Swenson, Seane Corn, Desiree Rumbaugh, Paul Dallagan, Tias Little and Ana Forrest. Eileen’s teaching style and practice are constantly evolving and growing. Eileen hopes to share the wonder, joy, humor, and adventure, she experiences in yoga in each and every class. Eileen encourages her students to be their best teacher, tune into their inner voice, and explore their precious path.


OpenIntro to YogaWilmette

Erica Merrill has been practicing yoga for 21 years and teaching yoga for 17. She started practicing mainly for the physical challenge and quickly found it transforming her life.  Yoga has helped her learn how to deal with stress in a much calmer way. Helping her realize that we can make any situation better or worse by our reaction to it.

Her roots stem from Brian Kest in Los Angeles, California.  He inspired a passion that led her to do teacher trainings with David Swenson in 2004 and Yogaview in 2006.  She was also fortunate to get to participate in Yogaview’s 2010 level 2 teacher training.

Erica’s teaching style is a special blend that includes a light-hearted sense of humor, a vast experience and knowledge of the practice of yoga, a spirit of playfulness that inspires without diminishing, and sequencing that weaves the familiar to the unpredictable in a way that requires a fullness of attention.  Erica lives and teaches in Chicago, Illinois.  She feels very grateful that yoga has come into her life and loves to share it with others.


Friday10:00 - 11:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago

Eva started down the path of yoga by accident in 2001, seeking a brief escape from the corporate world with a week-long spa experience. It happened to be ‘Ashtanga Yoga Week’ at the spa; by the end of the week, she had completed the primary series and was hooked on yoga. Armed with Chicago yoga references, she began seeking out local teachers, and eventually met Tom Quinn and Quinn Kearney. Since then, Eva has traveled extensively to seek out and to study with senior teachers both in and out of the Ashtanga system, with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois US Tours, teacher training from David Swenson and in-depth studies with Rolf & Marci Naujokat, Chuck Miller & Maty Ezraty. While her focus is Ashtanga yoga, she recognizes that each body is different, and works with each student based on their respective approach to their practice. She is indebted to all her teachers for their guidance, support and endless patience.


Monday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 1 In StudioChicago
Wednesday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 1 In StudioChicago

Geri’s general philosophy is that life is short, live it the best way you can, and besides for love she does not know very much. This current pandemic we are living through certainly affirms all of this. Her love for health and fitness started in her early teens. At 24, she took her first vinyasa yoga class with Jonny Kest. For the next 20 years, Geri studied, traveled and taught all over the world. In 2004, Yogaview became her home studio. For years her classes were extremely popular and she was the lead teacher from the beginning of Yogaview’s teacher training programs until 2013. Geri has- starred in a fitness video, modeled for yoga and fitness products on their packaging, modeled for a yoga magazine (Mantrica 2005), 6 time Lululemon store ambassador (Lincoln Park and Bucktown), taught to 250 people at Pritzker Pavilion (2010), volunteer instructed for Yoga for Recovery at Chicago woman’s jail for inmates (2007-20011), worked with all kinds of students from beginners to disabled to advanced students with a huge amount of love and gratitude for the entire experience. Geri currently lives in Highland Park with her 12 year old son, her incredibly lazy dog and her wild cat!I


Monday9:00 - 10:00amFunctional Flow VirtualWilmette

Jenny began practicing yoga over 25 years ago and teaching for the last 20.  Her initial 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification is from The Chicago Yoga Center.  She has also completed a certification with Judith Lasater specializing in Restorative Yoga at Om Yoga in NYC and completed the 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification with Sharyn Galindo at North Shore Yoga, where she assisted teaching the 200-hour course.  Jenny gained vast expereince building the Yoga Six brand in the Midwest, and took the management experience to yogaview in 2018 where she is now the co-manager of the Wilmette studio and you can find her teaching on Sunday afternoons.

Jenny belives a yoga practice is uniquely personal; the benefits are endless – from more open hips and hamstrings, greater lung capacity, healing from injury, a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle, or that mysterious yoga glow.   As a student, whether in a class setting or arranging private instruction, she will begin with exactly where you are.  Her goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, to give clear instructions and cues that allows each person to safely explore the postures, and to be able to breath, smile, and feel more open.

Please visit to find out more about this years retreats.  Follow her on instagram @jennykyoga.


Wednesday8:00 - 9:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Friday4:30 - 5:30pmVin/Yin In StudioWilmette
Sunday4:00 - 5:15pmLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette

At the beginning of each class, Jill asks her students to set an intention for their practice.  Her intention as an instructor is to get people thinking about who they are, who they love, and how the practice helps them to be the best versions of themselves.  In her own practice, Jill’s intention is to move in a way that keeps her limber and spacious, heals physical tension and promotes mental stability and focus. Jill’s lighthearted instruction and tendency to break down poses and sequences makes her class very accessible and enjoyable for all different levels of yoga.  Her use of music and props make her classes fun, unique and creative.


Monday10:00 -11:15amLevel 2-3 In Studio/VirtualWilmette

Julie’s best friend encouraged her to take a yoga class when her children were babies, and she was immediately drawn to its healing and strengthening effects. After realizing that her mat was the place where she felt most herself, she decided to enroll in teacher training.

Julie earned her 200 RYT certification in 2007 with Sharyn Galindo at North Shore Yoga and has been teaching yoga to adults, children, and families ever since. Julie strives to create classes of all levels that are truly moving meditations (infused with a bit of humor from time to time). As a busy parent, yoga instructor, and English teacher, she loves that yoga is a fluid and ever-evolving practice that can be tailored to suit any time frame, mood or need. She is a perpetual student herself and is grateful be able to share this amazing practice that has benefited her life so much over the years.


Saturday11:30 - 12:30pmLevel 1 In StudioWilmette

Julie has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years. After trying yoga for the physical challenge, she soon found it’s benefits to be much more far reaching. Julie completed Yogaview’s level 1 and 2 teacher trainings, and has been teaching in Chicago ever since. Julie’s classes are safe and appropriate for all levels. With an emphasis on alignment and breath, her vinyasa flow classes are challenging yet accessible, with both Ashtanga and Anusara influences. Julie is also trained in prenatal yoga, and offers an active but modified style of vinyasa flow that is appropriate and safe for all stages of pregnancy. Always the student, Julie adheres to a disciplined self practice and is always seeking more knowledge that she can share with her students. Mostly, she continues to be inspired by and forever grateful to Quinn Kearney , Tom Quinn, Claire Mark, Amy Owen and Geri Bleier for the gift of their knowledge and guidance.


Wednesday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago

For Kate, her mat is where she creates space to slow down and practice living from a place of intention and love. She has always had a passion for fitness and whole-body wellness and found yoga while recovering from an athletic injury. It didn’t take long for Kate to realize the positive benefits that the practice had on her mind, body, and heart. Kate strives to hold a safe space for students to come home to themselves through the physical, meditative, and spiritual elements of the practice. Kate completed her 200 YTT at Yogaview in Chicago and is currently working to complete her 500 YTT. She teaches classes in both the city and on Chicago’s North Shore in addition to leading annual retreats. Kate classes are vinyasa based and have a wonderful blend of both challenge and fun. For private instruction please reach out at


Sunday12:00 - 1:00pmAll Levels In Studio Wilmette
Wednesday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 2 In Studio Chicago

A once avid runner, Katy, through an injury, was forced to scale back and integrate more “yin” to her “yang.” She discovered her passion for yoga after completing 100 straight days of yoga –just for a personal challenge. Initially attracted to the physical practice, she quickly realized how much the meditative and spiritual elements of yoga were positively influencing her life. Katy found yoga to be a powerful connection between the mind, body and spirit.

Influenced and inspired by many, Katy’s classes are multi-level, creative, energizing and welcoming. She genuinely loves working with students of all levels and hopes to help them find the joy, connection and dedication through their practice as she has found, aspiring to bring everyday life to yoga and yoga to everyday life.


Friday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago
Sunday4:00 - 5:00pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago

My hearts intention is helping people heal thru massage and yoga instruction.  I have had my own private practice (massage & private yoga instruction) since 2002.

Everyone can benefit from healing touch.  Every massage and private yoga session is customized and starts off with an assessment to target & meet your current needs.  I integrate many techniques (Shiatsu, Flying Shiatsu, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki & Young Living Essential Oils/Aromatherapy) in a holistic approach to promote a state of peace & harmony.  A balanced state of peace & harmony allows clients access to their own inner healing ability and a deeper connection within their body, mind & spirit. I not only listen to what my clients are saying but also to what their body’s are communicating and meet them exactly where they are in growth and development with compassion, encouragement and respect.  Because Shiatsu is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) there can be emotional, physical, mental & spiritual releases both during the session & afterwards which can help balance the overall energy and induce a deep sense relaxation and connection with self.


2002 Certified Shiatsu Practioner ~ from the Ohashiatsu Institute in New York, NY/Evanston, IL.  I’ve been studying and practicing Shiatsu since 1999; completed over 700 hours of training and am Certified Soma Veda Thai Yoga Massage, Flying Shiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Massage Therapy and Reiki.


1998 – is when I first stepped onto the yoga mat.  In 2004 I Completed my Hatha Yoga Teaching Training Certification with Suddha Weixler founder of the Chicago Yoga Center.  I have also studied with John Friend, Rolf Gates, Manju Jois, Martin & Jordan Kirk, Amy Ippoliti, Noah Maze, Desiree Rumbaugh and Mac McHugh just to name a few.  Whether I’m teaching a Private Yoga Session, Vinyasa Flow, Heated Vinyasa Flow, Yoga, Gentle Yoga, SUP Yoga or SUP Meditation on Lake Michigan my main focus is my students connection to their growth/experience of their own essence while keeping them safe by educating them with correct alignment (based on the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment).  I can’t imagine my life without the yoga practice, it’s a part of my daily life and has helped me with many life changes and challenges. What I love most about yoga is it got me out of the gym and onto my mat which truly allows me to be in the present moment & has many physical, emotional, mental & spiritual benefits which I like to call “side-effects”.

I continue to deepen & expand my knowledge by participating in teacher trainings and workshops.  When I’m not teaching yoga or massaging I’m spending time with my dog Marley.


Tuesday6:00 - 7:15pmHeated Vinyasa Flow In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Thursday6:00 - 7:15pmHeated Vinyasa Flow In StudioWilmette

t’s a familiar story: boy has back pain.  Boy tries yoga.  Boy falls in love with yoga in his first class!  Really: head over heels–and heels over head–in love!  That was in 1992 at the Sivananda Yoga Center in Chicago.  Since then, Lane (the boy in question) has rarely missed a day of practice and has rolled out his mat in ashtanga classes, Iyengar studios, and the craziest of flow spaces.  He believes firmly that no one tradition has a lock on the truth and that the best classes combine rigorous attention to alignment, creative sequencing, and lots and lots of sweat.  When not in the yoga studio, Lane is a teacher and administrator at Northwestern.


Monday4:30 - 5:30pmLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Thursday8:00 - 9:00amAll Levels In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Saturday4:00 - 5:15pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago

Laura stumbled upon yoga while seeking a means to build physical strength and flexibility, and ease pain in her knees from years of biking and running.  Along with the many physical benefits she found a practice that inspired the mind-body, heart and spirit.

Laura truly believes that yoga is for everyone, regardless of level of fitness, age, shape or motivation.  Yoga teaches us that each time we practice, each moment in life, each breath we take is an opportunity to start fresh, learn, play and explore.  Her hope through teaching is to inspire others to open to the possibility of transformation on and off the mat, living with greater awareness, integrity, compassion, and peace.

Laura guides a mindful, slower-paced class that includes pranayama (study of breath), meditation and alignment-based poses that balance, open and strengthen the body and mind.  Static holds and dynamic movement are integrated to encourage greater depth of exploration and self-discovery.  Modifications and use of props are offered to allow students of all levels to participate safely, personalize their practice and experience the joy of yoga.

Laura earned a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification under the gifted guidance of Lourdes Paredes and Pam Udell.  She apprentices with Gabriel Halpern in therapeutic classes based on the Iyengar tradition.  She is certified in Restorative Yoga from Judith Hanson Lasater and has completed continuing education courses in therapeutic yoga with Doug Keller and other master teachers.  Her path to teaching continues to unfold through daily practice and study. She is deeply grateful for the opportunity to share the benefits and wisdom of yoga with others.


Monday11:30 - 12:30pmGentle In StudioWilmette

Linda has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for nearly 10 years. An avid runner, she began yoga as a way to stretch muscles and enhance her performance. When a persistent knee injury brought her running to an end, Linda began taking daily yoga classes at several studios in Chicago, including yogaview, Moksha, and Namaskar, where she started a regular practice with Lourdes Paredes.

Linda earned her 200-hour certification at House Of Shanti at Healing Power and is certified through the Yoga Alliance. She has completed a master teaching and continuing education course with Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., Physical Therapist, and author of Yogabody: Anatomy, Kinesiology and Asana. In addition, Linda has completed several continuing education courses through Prairie Yoga, including Fundamentals of Yoga Anatomy, Advanced Anatomy Workshop, and Yoga History, Yoga Meditation and Meditation. She is certified in Yoga for Golfers through Katherine Roberts. In addition, Linda was a staff writer at Illumine Magazine, Chicago’s premier yoga publication.

Linda was drawn to yoga because she feels it helps us to see the true nature of one another. Her intention is to practice and teach yoga with integrity, honesty and compassion. She believes that yoga is a practice that allows you to see infinite possibilities. A message she shares in class, “If you open yourself up to breathing fully, you are opening yourself up to your full potential. Let your breath lead your practice and everything else will follow.”


Monday11:30 - 12:30pmGentle In StudioWilmette

Lisa completed her teacher trainings at yogaview, and has been teaching yoga for ten years. Her classes focus on the science behind the practice, how to best serve the body and the nervous system. As that changes each day, the practice of yoga then becomes a practice of listening, adaptation, and feedback from one’s self. Lisa believes yoga offers union and healing that stretches beyond the mat.


Tuesday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago
Thursday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In Studio/VirtualChicago
Saturday10:15 - 11:30amAll Levels In StudioChicago

Liz MacIntosh is a physiotherapist (PT) from the UK specializing in pediatric PT since 2003, and gained her Masters in Physiotherapy at the University College London. Using specific therapy, rehabilitation, breathing exercises and individualized exercise, Liz facilitated therapy helping children improve lung function, posture, and cardiovascular fitness. She has treated many children with anxiety and breathing disorders, special needs and developmental delay in a wide variety of settings, like hospitals, outpatient clinics, in the community and in schools. In May 2021, she completed her 200-hour RYT yoga teacher training course at yogaview and is now putting her pediatric PT training and yoga training together and created Yogi B which provides age-appropriate, multi-sensory, fun activities to teach children about their mind, their body and their feelings in a safe, playful and engaging environment.


Monday1:30 -2:30pmKids: 3-5yrsWilmette
Thursday4:30-5:30pmKids: Kindergarten - 4th GradeWilmette
Saturday9:30 - 10:30amKids: Kindergarten - 4th GradeWilmette
Sunday4:00 - 5:15pmTweensWilmette

After flirting with yoga in college, Mary began studying yoga seriously in 1994, partly to compensate for years of long-distance running. She considers it the best New Years’ resolution she ever made.

She has done teacher trainings with Erich Schiffmann, Ana Forrest, and Aadil Palkhilvala and worked extensively in several yoga styles, including Iyengar, Astanga and viniyoga. She teaches a blend of what she has learned.

When people ask why do yoga, here is what she says: Through precise but open movement, through meditation and fluid breath,  yoga calms you down, wakes you up, gives you hope and helps you understand that you are not alone. By giving you a clearer glimpse of who you really are and how you are connected to the world, it can make you more creative, more courageous and wiser in your choices. As a result, the time you invest in yoga makes more time in your life. It is also simply fun.

Raised in Georgia in a family of 10, Mary has lived in California, Florida, Arizona, France and Massachusetts and traveled around the world. She also writes a column for the Chicago Tribune.


Saturday11:00 - 12:15pmLevel 1 VirtualChicago

Megan is a primarily a student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga but has respect for all modalities that promote self-awareness and discovery. In addition to a 500 hour teaching certification she has taken numerous trips to Mysore, India to study with R. Sharath Jois- who authorized her to teach the primary and intermediate series of the Ashtanga Yoga method. Megan enjoys teaching “Mysore style” because it allows her to work with students individually and form meaningful and trusting relationships. She has seen how consistent yoga practice not only builds strength, flexibility and coordination but also promotes confidence, presence and self-awareness. When practiced with consistency and sincerity, she believes that Ashtanga is a powerful tool that helps practitioners explore their edges, grow and live more harmoniously.


Tuesday7:00 - 9:00amMysore In StudioChicago
Thursday7:00 - 9:00amMysore In StudioChicago
Friday7:00 - 9:00amMysore In StudioChicago

I have been a student of yoga for 17 years and a teacher for 12. I fell in love with yoga as a psychology/pre-med student, when I realized by the knot in my stomach that med school was not for me! I was passionate about the miraculous human body but was much more interested in the art of health than disease. I found myself in an ashram in India and the mountains of Nepal instead of the library! Along my journey, I have had the honor of studying with a variety of master teachers in disciplines ranging from Ashtanga to Iyengar Yoga, all of whom have contributed to my comprehensive style of teaching: Physically balancing a blend of dynamic movement with longer holds in a progressive breath-centered sequence; Energetically balancing the doing – the action and intention in each pose, with the allowing – the surrender and acceptance in each pose. For each class, I choose specific alignment principles and intentionally weave them throughout the practice in slow, mindful meditation. All of my classes focus deeply on alignment and breath. Because the practice of yoga asks us to listen within and pay attention to what arises, I do not play music.

To me, the practice of yoga is the practice of living life! It is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and awareness. Yoga teaches us to become quiet, clear, and available to listen. It teaches us to become our own witness. Of everything- not just the pretty stuff! With presence, focus and deep inward concentration, we learn to distinguish between the chatter and fear of our ego mind and the truth of our heart, or intuitive mind. Our intuition is our heart aligning us with our dharma, or, our Soul’s true purpose for being. When we practice listening, we get to know ourselves authentically and learn that all the answers really are within us! And now ONLY right action in all aspect of our life is possible.

Through the practice of yoga, I have learned to see with a more expansive perspective. I have learned that there is no right or wrong. There is only the process and the practice, and the willingness and desire to explore and grow.

For the past 6 years, I have been apprenticing under the brilliant Gabriel Halpern, of the Iyengar Tradition, at the Yoga Circle in Chicago (which I absolutely LOVE!!). I also very much resonate with the teachings of Para Yoga taught by Rod Stryker. I have learned through studying different styles of yoga that while approaches may vary, the intention is the same – to provide the practitioner with a tool to become more conscious, free and loving in spirit, and joyful in life!

For more information on upcoming events, please visit my website:


Wednesday9:30 - 11:00amBreath & Yoga In Studio/Virtual Wilmette
Sunday10:00 - 11:30amAll Levels In Studio/Virtual Wilmette

Meghan’s classes are intended to maintain a disciplined focus on breath awareness and alignment, while having fun moving, sweating, breathing and rocking out together.  Drawing from various styles of yoga, each sequence is intended to challenge the strength, focus, balance and stamina of new and seasoned yoga practitioners.  Meghan’s teaching is always informed by her personal practices and her daily life with four kids and three Labradors.


Thursday4:30 - 5:30pmAll Levels In StudioWilmette

Yoga is a lifelong practice of self inquiry and contemplation, and that is how I approach my own practice and my teachings.  The asana practice is one path to finding peace and stillness within oneself.  It is through a daily practice of meditation, along with a regular asana practice that I continue to discover ‘me’.

While practicing yoga eight years ago I found peace of mind, calmer ways of dealing with stress, and increased strength and flexibility.  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 21, and my yoga and meditation practice has helped ease the difficulties of living with RA and I hope gives me compassion and acceptance for others living with limitations.  I have competed in many triathlons, marathons and completed a 50K trail run a couple of years ago that was awesome! While my athletic background might be helpful to you if these are also your interests, I enjoy teaching those who are new to yoga and physical exercise, as well.

I received my L1 and L2 teaching certification through yogaview.


Tuesday8:00 - 9:00amLevel 1-2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette
Friday9:30 - 10:30amLevel 1-2 In Studio/VirtualWilmette

I have been a practitioner of yoga for over 15 years. Through years of personal practice and the invaluable guidance and gentle support my teachers have given me, I have developed a profound connection with the practice of yoga and enjoy sharing my devotion to the practice with others. With a background in Ashtanga Yoga, and influences from Anusara and Iyengar Yoga, I strive to create inspiring classes that focus on the principles of alignment, creating a safe, injury-free practice. I also utilize the asana practice as a way to develop a sensibility of becoming more present in our everyday lives. I find yoga to be a great metaphor for life, challenging us to be engaged yet relaxed on life’s path. I am also grateful for the yoga community and my students who continually inspire me to learn more.


Missy started doing yoga once a week as a way to get together with friends. Soon after, she realized yoga had much to offer and began practicing daily. This daily practice helped her greatly when she & her husband adopted three young boys. Yoga gave her the peace of mind and strength of body needed to start raising her family. Wanting to learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga, she completed Moksha Yoga’s teacher training program in 2010.  She is grateful to be teaching yoga and hopes to bring a sense of playfulness, curiosity and serenity to all of her classes.


Sunday8:30 - 9:30amLevel 2 In StudioWilmette

As a teacher for over 20 years I have witnessed first-hand the wonderful, varied, and often seemingly miraculous ways a yoga practice can enhance people’s lives. Along with my friend, Tom Quinn, I opened yogaview in 2002 with the intention of creating a center where beginners and experienced yoga students alike could come to fall in love with the practice. We have developed one of the most respected teacher training programs in the region and it’s deeply rewarding to see so many of our graduates teaching throughout the city and beyond. I’m just as excited about the many opportunities that yogaview offers to beginners and hope that everyone who walks through our doors feels welcome. My own practice has been influenced by years of study in the Iyengar and Ashtanga lineages and their offshoots, as well as other functional movement modalities and various martial art forms. The teachings I offer are rooted in these traditional and modern influences, but I try to present them in a non-dogmatic and inspirational way in order to help individuals find their own connection to the very personal and constantly evolving practice of yoga. I also weave my love of music into the practice by creating unique musical backdrops for many of my classes. I’m deeply grateful to the wonderful community of students and teachers who make yogaview such a welcoming refuge.


Saturday12:00 - 1:15pmLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago

Born in India and raised in Iowa, Sanjana is a proud immigrant and Midwesterner. Currently, Sanjana is a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University, prior to which she received her MPH. Her research focuses on broadening conversations about pelvic and reproductive health.

Sanjana discovered her passion for yoga during graduate school. Yoga became a daily act of self-compassion and deeper mind, body, soul connection. Growing up, Sanjana spent a decade training as a Bharatanatyam dancer, which is a classical South Indian dance form that combines intricate footwork, facial expressions, and mudras (hand gestures) to illustrate and emote spiritual and mythological stories rooted in Hinduism. For Sanjana, yoga is also an outlet to practice deeper spirituality and a performative space to move with grace and intention.

Sanjana has completed both her 200hr training in 2018 and 10hr prenatal training in 2021 at Yogaview. She is passionate about infusing traditional yogic philosophy and practices of breath (pranayama) and energy activation (chakra) in her classes. Her flows aspire to cultivate internal and external heat through intuitive breath and movement. Sanjana’s goal is to integrate her knowledge of intimate health communication & yoga to support women throughout their reproductive life course.


Monday6:00 - 7:00pmLevel 2 In StudioChicago

Sarah Kloos has been teaching since 2018 and recently completed prenatal yoga teacher training with The Amala School of Yoga. As a lifelong dancer, Sarah values the positive impact movement has had on her life. She believes movement lives all around us and celebrates it in the gentle breeze on her face or the way a yeasted dough rises with time and warmth. She finds movement most faithfully in her breath. If yoga has taught her anything, it is how to breathe through moments of calm and chaos both on and off her mat. For Sarah, yoga is this balance between physical movement and moments of peace. It makes her feel strong and confident, but also teaches humility and grace. Yoga is both welcoming and forgiving, and capable of embracing every body that arrives to take part. Sarah lives and works in Evanston, IL and can most often be found crafting in the kitchen or finding sun on her back porch.


Friday8:00 9:00amAll Levels In Studio/VirtualWilmette

Stacy has been a dedicated student of yoga, meditation and eastern philosophy since 2001. After a decade of daily practice and exploration of various traditions of yoga, she completed her 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings at Yogaview. She has completed additional certifications in yoga therapeutics and restorative yoga and continues to immerse herself in study and learning. She teaches alignment-based vinyasa that is rooted in conscious movement, breath awareness and intelligent sequencing. Her classes are thoughtful, balanced and they integrate her love of music to create a practice that is powerful and challenging, yet accessible. Her intention as a yoga teacher is to create a safe space for students of all levels to explore their edges while honoring their internal awareness and body’s intelligence. Known for her clear instruction and her genuine, compassionate teaching style, Stacy brings her enthusiasm and reverence for the practice to all of her classes and teaching.

Stacy is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach focusing on mindfulness practices and integrative nutrition and certified in Reiki and Thai Massage. She is a yoga alliance certified continuing education provider, teacher trainer and leads multiple yoga retreats annually.

Stacy is very grateful for all of her teachers and for the opportunity to share her love of yoga with others.

For more on Stacy, visit


Thursday10:00 - 11:00amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago
Sunday9:00 - 10:10amLevel 2 In Studio/VirtualChicago

Sue was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits of the practice but found herself coming back to the mat because of the mental, emotional and energetic effects of the practice on her life. She believes yoga is for everyone and it is never too late to start.  Her teaching style is focused on breath awareness and alignment. She received her 200 hour certification from yogaview and has also completed the Yoga for Slow Living Restorative Teacher Training.


Tuesday4:30 - 5:30pmLevel 1 In StudioWilmette

Sue Wen, has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 20 years. From strength and cardio training, to weight loss to athletic yoga, Sui helps her students improve their mobility, flexibility, endurance, physical and mental strength.
YogaInferno, set in 90’F temperature, pairs powerful flows with the detoxifying qualities of a hot yoga practice. This extended athletic flow will develop, improve and challenge your stability, mobility and overall strength while pushing your limits. Prior yoga experience is recommended.


Saturday10:00 - 11:00amYogaInferno In StudioChicago

As co-director of yogaview, Tom Quinn aspires to continually re-create an open space for the practice and study of Hatha Yoga. The primary focus of this endeavor is to maintain a fundamentalist free environment for students and teachers to explore the process of Self Realization through yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy and meditation. The heart of this vision centers around meditation. Since 1991 Tom has been involved in the practice, study and teaching of various forms of Hatha Yoga. He is indebted to all the individuals that have passed on these teachings including Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, John Friend, Dr Shankaranarayana Jois, Shri K Pattabhi Jois, and Sharath Rangaswamy.


Friday10:00 - 11:30amAshtanga Led Primary In StudioWilmette

Whitney has been teaching full time since 2002, mostly in Los Angeles. She started practicing in 1996, at NYC’s Bhava and Om studios, and when she moved to LA became immersed in classes with Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, and Hala Khouri. Eventually, Whitney craved the steady foundation of Ashtanga Yoga, and studied with Jodi Blumstein.

Whitney did her first training in 2002 in LA at Center for Yoga and in 2004, completed the professional program with Lisa Walford at YogaWorks. These days, Whitney is a senior teacher for YogaWorks LA and teaches daily classes there when she’s in Los Angeles.

Whitney was also a contributing teacher for the Wanderlust Hollywood Teacher Training and served as the music supervisor for both the studio and for Wanderlust TV. Another rewarding aspect of working for Wanderlust has been traveling to teach at festivals and creating specialized soundtracks for their flow classes.

From LA YOGA:  “Whitney’s classes bring an ease in which she communicates the flow of postures with a killer soundtrack that effortlessly matches the flow of her words and pacing of her class.”

Lately Whitney splits her time between Chicago and LA. Having taught at yogaview on and off since 2012, and practicing here since it first opened, she considers it to be a true second home. The studio, with its generous and dedicated community, have been an abundant source of growth for both her teaching and her practice.

Originally from Chicago, Whitney is a lover of walking in the sun, swimming in Lake Michigan and staying in to cuddle with her dog.


Thursday5:30 -6:30pmLevel 2 VirtualChicago
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