Brooks Hall

The foundations of the house of yoga enamor instructor, Brooks Hall. The feet, the posture, the breath, the heart, the mind, and the spirit, together form a structure, and the practice of yoga makes a door that helps us to open into greater awareness. This greater sense of one’s self helps this experience to be a healing one.  Learning yoga started in childhood when Brooks’ grandmother saw it as a way to cool the grandkids down before bedtime, and the fires of inquisitiveness that started as seemingly small flames grew into an inferno of epic proportions in her life story—Brooks now teaches yoga full-time!   And she feels blessed to have learned from many gifted and inspired teachers, including teachers at yogaview and Yoga Circle.  She completed Yogaview’s teacher training in 2006, and has assisted certified Iyengar Yoga instructor Gabriel Halpern in regular classes, special workshops, and therapeutic gentle yoga classes since 2002. She has been teaching yoga since 2003, and blogs regularly about her personal experience and studies of yoga at