Jenny Kaufman

There are few things in my life that make me feel as whole as a yoga practice does.  It certainly keeps my body healthier, but more importantly it keeps me grounded, centered, hopeful, and joyous.

I have been practicing yoga for about 25 years and teaching for the last 20.  My initial 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification is from The Chicago Yoga Center.  I have also completed a certification with Judith Lasater specializing in Restorative Yoga at Om Yoga in NYC and completed the 500-hour Yoga Alliance certification with Sharyn Galindo at North Shore Yoga, where I assisted teaching the 200-hour course. 

I completed Transcendental Meditation training in conjunction with my 500 hour yoga training and am a dedicated practitioner.  In addition to the teacher trainings mentioned are dozens of workshops, festivals and immersions with various master yoga teachers/celebrities from which I have had the privilege of attending.

As the Program Manager for Yoga Six in Chicago and Milwaukee, I assembled a teaching team of over 90 teachers and facilitated various advanced trainings and clinics throughout the Midwest.  I am passionate about travel, and I offer and lead 2 yoga retreats yearly where people have the opportunity to practice yoga and meditation, eat extraordinary food and be surrounded in beauty and nature.   Fall of 2018 arrives with a transition to Yogaview Wilmette as Manager and teacher with the lovely and knowledgeable teaching staff there. 

A yoga practice is uniquely personal; the benefits are endless – from more open hips and hamstrings, greater lung capacity, healing from injury, a catalyst for a healthier lifestyle, or that mysterious yoga glow.   As a student, whether in a class setting or arranging private instruction, we will begin with exactly where you are.  My goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, to give clear instructions and cues that allows each person to safely explore the postures, and to be able to breath, smile, and feel more open.

Please visit to find out more about this years retreats:  February 2020 Mexico, September 2020 Italy.