Jessica Quinn

Jessica has been studying yoga and meditation from 11 years old and has been diving into the circle of dance professionally and on a shamanic level her whole life.
She became a yoga instructor and massage therapist in 1995 and a Doula in 1999. She has 3 children which she calls her Gurus.
Her love for healing others and herself has taken Jessica into a deeper path of the healer.  She believes everyone is our teacher and healer.  If we listen deeply to our souls and others in this world and beyond we can heal on a deeper level and find peace.  Nature, animals, people, food, dance, meditation, touch, healing, Yoga, swimming, biking, etc.... all are gifts to help us enjoy this life a little more. 
Also to be present in ourselves with whatever may come up is the greatest gift of all times.
Jessica's class is All Levels. She creates a space for you to relax the mind, move the body, and feel safe for your authentic spirit to move freely through space and feel the rhythm of dance while playing a wide variety of world music and new music.
There is even dark chocolate and dates at the end of class!