How did you get into yoga? What aspect of yoga got you on the mat in the beginning?

I got into yoga after the adoption of my three boys who are all the same age. I knew I had to find something that would help me stay balanced both physically and mentally. I knew this something had to be sustainable; something I could do as my boys grew up and as I got older. I had tried yoga a few times and had a feeling that it might be what I was looking for.

What would you consider your yoga style and who were a few teachers who influenced you most?

When my boys started preschool, I found a yoga studio a few blocks away from their school. I was lucky enough to walk into a class led by Bridgett Piacenti (a yogaview teacher). She introduced me to Ashtanga and Mysore style yoga. When I did my teacher training, I was lucky enough to do apprenticeships with Megan Dunne and Heather Martello (also yogaview teachers). I was very fortunate to be supported and inspired by so many teachers from yogaview. I love the creativity of vinyasa flow and the discipline of Ashtanga. I mostly practice Ashtanga but teach vinyasa.


Why do you love teaching at yogaview?

Ultimately I think yoga is about love & connection. I have been the beneficiary of so much love & connectivity from the yogaview community – both in practicing & teaching.

If you could change one aspect of the modern yoga world, what would it be?

I know it’s not realistic in the busy, fast paced world in which we live, but I would like to see longer classes so that teachers could incorporate more breathing, meditation and longer savasanas!

Describe your personal experience of the state of Samadhi or what the concept represents to you.

Samadhi, to me, is the highest state of concentration. When I’m in this state, I am truly present with whatever I’m doing. I feel it often as a mom but I feel it most consistently in yoga — both practicing and teaching. 

What is your favorite non-yoga activity?

My favorite non-yoga activity is hanging out with my family – especially my three boys. They are so full of life! Everything we do seems like an adventure. Practicing and teaching yoga has allowed me to practice being present in a way that nothing else does. I see the results of this practice most vividly when I am with my kids.

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