Tracy Bleier

Tracy Bleier has been a local teacher and community leader/builder for the past twenty years. She has had many classrooms, from inside a traditional high school where she taught English Literature and writing to inside a yoga room where she taught people of all demographics the value what a yoga practice can bring to their lives. She has owned thriving studios, taught trainings and workshops around the country and has spent most of her adult life as a voracious learner. She believes that our lives give us precious opportunities to learn about ourselves and she uses observations about her own life, refined from her years of practice, to tap into universal truths that feed the conversations she infuses into her classes. Tracy teaches a range of yoga experiences, including the physical practices of hatha vinyasa yoga and bowspring and the contemplative practices of meditation and journaling. Tracy is happily married and is a proud mama to three boys, two dogs and a cat. She recently moved to Chicago where, in addition to teaching and caring for her family, she is writing her first memoir.