Sarah Kloos

Sarah Kloos has been teaching since 2018 and recently completed prenatal yoga teacher training with The Amala School of Yoga. As a lifelong dancer, Sarah values the positive impact movement has had on her life. She believes movement lives all around us and celebrates it in the gentle breeze on her face or the way a yeasted dough rises with time and warmth. She finds movement most faithfully in her breath. If yoga has taught her anything, it is how to breathe through moments of calm and chaos both on and off her mat. For Sarah, yoga is this balance between physical movement and moments of peace. It makes her feel strong and confident, but also teaches humility and grace. Yoga is both welcoming and forgiving, and capable of embracing every body that arrives to take part. Sarah lives and works in Evanston, IL and can most often be found crafting in the kitchen or finding sun on her back porch.