Erin Cowan

In 1996, Erin was living in New York City, pursuing a career in theatre and film. She was racing all over, hoping to be “in the right place, at the right time.” After a couple years, her health suffered, and the joy within her drained. One day, she found herself at Dharma Mittra’s yoga studio. There, she took a deep breath and learned to sit. As her practice continued and deepened, she was brought back home, to herself and the Midwest.
After completing the 200hr Moksha Teacher Training Program in 2004, her dream of becoming a yoga teacher came to life. She is grateful to the many teachers who have inspired her, including  Gary Kraftsow, Aadil Palkhivala, and Tias Little. Her studies with Tias Little have taken her to the Upaya Zen Center, nestled in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM, where she completed Prajna Yoga’s 200hr Training. Eventually, she earned her 500hr Teaching Certification from Moksha Yoga Center. 
As her practice and teaching evolve, Hanna Somatics has played a transformative role. In May 2016, Erin completed the Somatic Yoga Professional Training Program, taught by Eleanor Criswell Hanna, at the Novato Institute in CA. Hanna Somatics integrates the body, brain, and mind and frees the patterns of contraction held subconsciously in one's being. She gives heartfelt credit to Theresa Evans of Essential Somatics for deepening her understanding and experience of Thomas Hanna's brilliant work. 
As a teacher, Erin aspires to give her students the gift she has received from her teachers, the guidance to turn inward and connect with one’s inner light, joy, and ease. This not only enhances the life of the student, but the world we share. 

photo by Terese Poulos