Diane Powell

I love Yoga - everything about it: the physical practice, the grounding, the challenge and the comfort, the way it focuses everything on the present, bringing together body, mind and spirit. I began teaching to share this love and appreciation for yoga with others.

I had been dabbling in yoga for several years, but it wasn’t until I went to my first Vinyasa Flow class that I got hooked. There I was, after a lifetime of athletics, not even able to hold up my arms in Warrior 2 without shaking.  The athleticism and challenge drew me in, and the spirituality and community have kept me there.  Yoga can benefit everyone – whether you are on a spiritual quest or just want to touch your toes, the practice enhances lives on so many dimensions.

I completed the Moksha 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2008 and have studied with several master teachers since then, including Aadil Palkhivala and Rusty Wells.

I teach a mindful Vinyasa Flow. My classes balance the meditative side of yoga with movement and strength building. I hope to create a safe space where each student can have fun, turn inward, and find a sense of peace both on and off the mat.