Cheri Weber

Health and wellness have always been passions of Cheri’s. Growing up with  competitive sports  followed by years of intense cardio workouts and running marathons, she reluctantly tried yoga to nurse numerous pains and injuries. After a few “ah ha moments,” she became hooked, realizing the increase in strength, speed, humility, patience, and perspective far outreached the benefit of just “getting more flexible” she thought yoga was for.


In 2013 Cheri became a 200-hour certified yoga teacher under the guidance of Jenny Kaufman and Sharyn Galindo. She has been trained in Restorative Yoga as well as meditation, and is currently midway through her 300 hour training.  A chronic student, she continually seeks out workshops and experts to train under to expand her knowledge specifically in fascia, biomechanics, yoga therapy and the subtle body.


Cheri is a certified health coach and personal trainer. Her classes are challenging yet accessible with strength and stability playing a role to prepare for mobility. Her focus is on the components of building each pose to draw you into the moment, and feel the space created by your breath.  By creating visual imprints of your physical and mental alignment she helps you truly take your practice off the mat.  Her passion is to guide students to their threshold, explore subtle changes that helps them become in tune with their body from all aspects.