So what is the yogaview? It is difficult to define in a way that satisfies the intellect because it is not a fixed thing. It isn't a thing at all, yet it is at the heart of the experience of yoga. Yoga practice is a means of transformation and that transformation is both deeply personal and universal. In Buddhism it is sometimes said that the world is mind-shaped. The way we see ourselves and the world defines the world in which we live. So in yoga and all sincere spiritual practice, we have to stop and question how we are relating to everything. This stopping means embracing the mysterious and unknown nature of existence. It is the Unknown itself, which gives birth to the yogaview in the individual. Because its origin is always empty, this perspective cannot be contained or owned. The yogaview is a perspective that is beyond any and all fixed ideas and assumptions. So it is free, all-inclusive and always new. Since the yogaview is free of fixed ideas, it kills fundamentalism and gives birth to compassion, understanding, and a profound ongoing curiosity into the nature of life.