At its root, yoga is an experience.  A human experience.  A personal experience.  

An experience of learning and relaxing, understanding yourself, and feeling better in your body.


Since 2002, yogaview has been recognized as the preeminent yoga studio in the Chicagoland area. With two locations in Chicago and Wilmette we offer the finest yoga classes, teacher trainings, and workshops in the area.

We have the right class for your individual needs and welcome everyone into our beautiful spaces IN PERSON and to our VIRTUAL classes which you can take from home live or via the recordings.  Your EXPERIENCE awaits, please join us.


Getting Started

Teacher Training


Teacher Training Info Session In Studio Wilmette
June 17 
Tom Quinn & Jenny Kaufman

Ocean of Devotion: Gong Meditation In Studio Wilmette
June 25 
Preston Klik

Summer Teacher Training/Practice Intensive In Studio Chicago
July 5-28 
Jenny, Tom, Deb, Lane & Quinn

Teacher Training Info Session In Studio Wilmette
July 9 
Jenny Kaufman & Tom Quinn

Gong Wash: Sound Healing Symphony In Studio Wilmette
July 14 
Simon Jay Cervania

Body by Breath In Studio Wilmette
October 7 
Jill Miller

At yogaview we pride ourselves on our experience. While remaining traditional at our core, our yoga is informed by cutting-edge biomechanical science and taught by experienced instructors who navigate the benefits and potential pitfalls of modern yoga.

As the primary source for vinyasa yoga, which focuses on mindful breathing, intelligent sequencing and skillful alignment, we offer a variety of gentle and challenging classes designed to alleviate stress and promote overall health and longevity.

We appreciate the support we’ve had from the Chicagoland community for the past 20 years and we look forward bringing more people together for relaxation, sanity and health in the years to come!