Jessica Sandstrom

During her collegiate soccer career, Jessica dealt with a variety of injuries and began to practice yoga in hopes to heal during the off season. She immediately noticed a difference and began to equate the increased strength and flexibility gained in yoga with less physical pain. Yoga definitely extended her playing career, but soon she started exploring, more fully, the practice of yoga. Over time, yoga has grown from something done as an adjunct to training as a soccer player and then competitive triathlete, to a daily practice that fulfills both her athletic and spiritual needs. Introduced to Ashtanga by Sharyn Galindo while completing her teacher training, she finds the quiet and calm, yet challenging nature of the asana practice leaves her feeling strong and centered physically, mentally and spiritually. It has allowed her an opportunity to move at her pace, go inside, connect to the breath and work within her own body. Jessica is currently enrolled in the 500 hour training program at North Shore Yoga and enjoys the opportunity to be a student whenever possible.