Jenni Rawlings

Jenni is a dedicated yoga student and teacher with 800+ hours of training in the fields of yoga, anatomy, and biomechanics. She is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher, a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™, and has written numerous anatomy articles for Yoga International magazine. She has released two yoga DVDs with Real Bodywork, Strong Vinyasa Flow (2013) and Advanced Vinyasa Flow (2010). She is also the owner of Drishti, the nation’s first stand-alone yoga store, which she opened in Santa Barbara, California in 2002. Prior to opening Drishti, she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with degrees in Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology. She teaches a playful-yet-strong class that honors the core principles of yoga while integrating opportunities for new and novel movements to continually challenge the body and mind.