Geri Bleier

Geri Bleier is a nationally recognized yoga instructor who, having trained hundreds of yoga teachers, has earned the reputation of being a "teacher’s teacher." As a testament to the depth of her skills and popularity, you’ll frequently find Chicago’s top yogis attending her classes.

From a beginning to a master class with Geri, you’ll experience a rigorous sequence paired with disciplined instruction that challenges every individual. The demanding, upbeat practice is wrapped in encouragement, a soft touch and an unwavering love for yoga. “My mission is to help you love yoga so that you can access the life-changing benefits it brings,” says Geri.

Rooted in a deep commitment to her students, Geri is gifted at identifying and addressing the unique needs of each individual.  She is known for noticing from the furthest corner of a crowded room if a student is out of alignment. 

Geri’s observant eye and detailed understanding of body transformation comes from studying and apprenticing with internationally recognized teachers John Friend, Mitchel Bleier and Sianna Sherman.  Geri has been a full-time yoga teacher since 2000, and in 2003 she joined the elite category of certified Anusara® teachers.